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Use Shampoo to Get Rid of Body Odor in 5 Steps

My body odor made me realize for the first time that am into adolescence age. Am not sure about the reason why it didn’t start before. Well, I tried deodorant but at the end of the day it was very unpleasant experience. Experts say that body odor changes depending on what you eat. Diet and […]

25 Easily Digested Foods and 5 Difficult Ones that You Must Consider

Indigestion is often accompanied by many health issues. Burning stomach, gas, bloating, abdominal pain, acidic and growling stomach are common signs of indigestion. Consuming easily digestible foods is one of the vital ways to get rid of these problems. There are some foods that play notorious and difficult to get digested. Easily digested foods not […]

How to Use Castor Oil for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Wrinkles and grey hair were regarding as a sign of experience, authority and sincerity. Not anymore, with media promoted models, everyone desires to look young. Cosmetic products are first thing that comes in your mind when you think about fading wrinkles. These pricey beauty items are filled with chemical ingredients that aren’t safe for your […]

Put Baking Soda Under Your Eyes To Get Rid of Dark Circles Quickly

Often people related dark circles with lack of sleep, tiredness and long hours spending before computer screens. Apart from this, experts also hold health ailments, nutritional deficiency and genetics to cause dark pools under your eyes. Out of cosmetic concern people try to hide them, be it with a concealer or with beauty cream. But, […]

How to Lighten Dark Underarms Fast with 2 Natural Ingredients

People with dark underarms feel shy to wear sleeveless. This cosmetic concern sometimes demands your freedom. Fortunately, there are bunch of home available ingredients that can help to lighten the appearance of dark armpits. Dark color of your skin underarms can be caused due to medical condition (acanthosis nigricans), shaving, bacterial infection and use of […]

How to Use Egg White for Wrinkles – 3 DIY Recipes

Wrinkles are no more a sign of experience. Though you may look more than your age, these unsightly nuisances aren’t associated with any serious ailment. But, yes it’s a cosmetic concern. No don’t have to try those chemical filled creams, which exceed your budget. Instead, there are apply egg white on your prewashed face and […]