Apple Cider Vinegar Lime Smoothie

Detoxifying and cleansing abilities packed in apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are prominent. This smoothie will help to cleanse liver, lymphatic system and detox your body. Lemon renowned for acidic property boosts functioning of liver and contributes in cleansing. Vitamin C and antioxidant agents residing in lemon juice improves immune system, prevents clod, flu […]

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric That Your Must Know

This ancient folk remedy is known to exhibit antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Medicinal benefits of turmeric powder isn’t just confined to health, its application can improve your overall appearance. This yellow stick belongs to ginger family and is native to South Asia. Curcumin is the vital ingredient that is known to exhibit medicinal properties. […]

How To Grow An Unlimited Supply Of Lemons Using Just 1 Seed

Let me start with this old saying,”If life gives you lemons, then simply make lemonade”. What will you do with lots of lemons? Certainly, you’ll turn it into an energy drink. Packed with exceptional nutrients, fresh lemon can reduce various ailments. Check out its benefits below. Health Benefits of Lemon Vitamin C residing in lemon […]

Beauty DIY: Aloe Vera Gel for Treating Acne & Scars

Acne is one of the common skin ailments faced by almost all teenagers in the world. Though they vanish with time, in some cases blemishes leave behind nasty scars. There are many cosmetic creams that claim to treat and fade acne scars. Unfortunately, they all are packed with chemical preservatives that can irritate your skin. […]

How To Use The R-I-C-E Method To Quickly Get Rid Of Swollen Ankles, Legs And Feet

Edema is the medical term for swollen ankles, feet and legs. According to, swelling occurs due to fluid accumulation under the skin. Further it says that this swelling is caused by systemic diseases like heart, liver or kidney problem. However, prolonged sitting or standing can also result in swelling of feet. Obesity, pregnancy and […]

1 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar for 60 Days Can Eliminate These Health Problems

Nutrients housed in apple cider vinegar have ability to treat various health and skin ailments. Apart from making your food delicious, it can prevent heart disease, reduce weight and treat common cold. Below listed are health ailments that can be treated by consuming 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. #1. Regulate Cholesterol Regular consumption of […]