Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Arthritis? How?

Inflammation, pain or stiffness of joints, fingers, hands, elbows and knees is often considered as arthritis. Using apple cider vinegar to treat arthritis isn’t new method. This natural ingredient has been used to relieve inflammation caused by arthritis for thousands of years. Though modern science may discredit this effective ingredient due to lack of authentic […]

Remove All Toxins and Fat From Your Body In Just 48 Hours With This Health-Bomb Detox Drink

Many religious people and even Hippocrates recommend to fast to promote healthy body. However, now-a-days detoxifying methods and diet routines aren’t recommended by health experts as low-calorie intake cause side-effects like dehydration, colon issues, dizziness and slow down metabolic rate. Your body has its own detox system Internal detoxifying system of your body like liver, […]

7 Best Essential Oils for Better Sleep

50-70 million Americans reported to have sleeping disorder or deprivation. With modern lifestyle and hectic work schedule, there’s a 70 percent of chance that you get enough sleep. Most people depend on pharmaceutical pills to sleep. This is not the answer. These sedative hypnotic drugs are often associated with serious side-effects like constipation, dry mouth, […]

How Stress Affects Gut Health : It’s In Your Gut, Not Your Head

You’re not alone; about 37% adults in America have reported to have extreme stress. Stress has become normal with hectic work schedule in 21st century. Studies show that depression can lead to various health ailments including digestion issues. Research conclude that stress is linked to ailments like heart disease, aging, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes […]

Add Pineapple to Your Lemon Water Every Morning, THIS IS the Most Important Reason Why

Lemon with its exceptional properties is perfect drink to kick start your morning. But, did ever included pineapple to lemon water? This may seem weird for most of you, but benefits that these two ingredients provide can’t be ignored. The Standard American Diet isn’t good for your health; it directly affects your kidney, liver and […]

Apple Cider Vinegar Lime Smoothie

Detoxifying and cleansing abilities packed in apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are prominent. This smoothie will help to cleanse liver, lymphatic system and detox your body. Lemon renowned for acidic property boosts functioning of liver and contributes in cleansing. Vitamin C and antioxidant agents residing in lemon juice improves immune system, prevents clod, flu […]