Cornmeal Face Scrub – 3 DIY Recipes Included

If laziness if the only reason to avoid facial, I’ve plenty of reasons to exfoliate your skin. Beauty experts say that you must exfoliate your skin twice a week. What? I’ve no time to make my own face scrub. Hold on, cornmeal face scrub is an exception. It takes no more than few minutes to […]

Carrot Face Mask for Skin Whitening – How to Recipes

With hectic work, cleansing impurities with homemade remedies is time killing. But the right way can easy your work. You’ll learn carrot face mask for skin whitening recipe in this article. This vegetable is prominent for its nutritional benefits for skin, hair and overall health. Ingesting right food will help your skin to fight ailments […]

Coriander Face Mask for Acne, Scars, Blackheads and Glowing Skin

Assorted nutrients in coriander face mask make it an effective remedy for all minor skin disorders. Read the below article to know its benefits and recipe. Aroma of fresh coriander leaves completes the dish. Every special dish my mom cooks include this herb. As it enhances food taste you can add it to your favorite […]

Rose Oil for Skin Lightening – An Effective Remedy

Cleopatra, ancient beauty queen is prominent for her beauty. Am not sure if her physical appearance was alluring or not, but researchers brag about her cosmetic recipes. Essential oils are among them. In this article I’ll discuss about exceptional benefits of rose oil for skin lightening. This innate oil is extracted from rose through steam […]

3 Mayonnaise Face Mask Recipes

A smile and innate remedies, both add beauty to your face; because they are natural. Topical application of mayonnaise face mask can improve your skin texture. Mayo is an emulsion of egg yolk, soybean oil and vinegar. It is prominently used in sandwich, salads and French fries. Besides being delicious, it can be beneficial to […]