Powerful Homemade Cream That Will Remove All Scars In No Time!

Skin ailments, injuries or insect bites leave scars on your face. As a cosmetic concern, many people try beauty creams to get rid of these scars. Unfortunately, media promoted creams fail to full fill their claims. Don’t worry; you can try natural ingredients that are available in your kitchen. Apart from being inexpensive, these recipes […]

This Ancient Spice Fights Diabetes, Boosts Your Metabolism And Sharpens Your Memory

Prominent for its aromatic smell, cinnamon has abundant benefits than just making your food delicious. Researchers have been touting on nutritional benefits of this home available spice. New Study on Cinnamon Scientist at Rush University Medical Center state that cinnamon consumption can improve memory and make your child better at learning. (Source: Express.co.uk) Kalipada Pahan, […]

Health DIY: Cinnamon Tea Recipe to Treat Cold and Sore Throat

Cold and sore throat is the allergic response triggered by allergens. Irritants can be bad weather, food, dust particles or bugs. Whatever the reason, no one likes to be sick. Though there are lots of medicines available in the market, people turn to home remedies as they are effective and inexpensive way to treat cold […]