Psychologists’ Advice: 7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Children

never say things to children

Experts say that children are like sponges, your deeds and words have great impact on their adulthood.

Further researchers state that synapses rate in children is 15,000 synapses a neuron, more than adult’s brain.

Without our knowledge things around us have great impact on behavior. As we see our parents talk and work, we do same thing.

Check these 7 phrases that you should never say to your child.

#7. You Should Listen to Adults

This phrase makes child think that all adults are smart and good, so I need to follow them. It is dangerous.

Correct phrase is – “You need to listen to your parents”. With this child will develop distrust towards strangers and critical thinking.

#6. Stop Crying

This phrase will make child to hide emotions, as he/she thinks that people will scold for showing emotions.

Correct phrase is – “Tell me what’s bothering you”, “why are you crying”. These phrases will allow child to start a conversation.

#5. Don’t Be Greedy

Child may think that I need to share everything; I don’t have anything that’s mine.

Correct phrase is – “Would you let this boy play with your toy for a while”, “how about you swap your toys for a while”

#4. Who taught you this? (Mischief)

Such children will always blame on other for things they came up with.

Correct phrase is – “Why did you do that?” By this you’ll find out whether your child did it himself or someone’s encouraged him.

#3. Look at this lovely girl

Comparing will not help your child to grow. It will have negative impact on his self-esteem.

Correct phrase is – “I love you, you can too do it” – highlight your child’s ability and encourage him.

#2. We’ll talk at home

House becomes a place where your child expects punishment. He/she may thing that you no longer loving them.

Correct phrase is – “Let me tell you what upset me” this will help child to learn about your feeling and ponder in future.

#1. You’re too young to think about this

If you don’t pay attention to share information with your child, then he will get it from other sources.

Correct phrase is – I’m not ready to answer now, I need some time. This will help to hold the authority and the child will not lose trust.

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